How to Get the Most Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Water has great health benefits!

Water has great health benefits!

The best way to get the most from chiropractic care is to first care for a body’s most essential needs. Here are some guidelines to help the patient get the maximum benefit out of every session. Healing requires a phenomenal amount of energy.
 Eat Well
Because good food is so crucially essential, it’s important to eat well to drive healing and to help aid a body to its maximum healing capacity. While it’s unhelpful to have an adjustment, physical therapy or massage on a full stomach, it’s also not beneficial to have an empty stomach or be hungry.  The mainstay food choices should be a regular diet of lean protein and healthy carbs, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
The same way a gardener can grow a plant by watering it well, a patient can heal a body by watering it well, too! Keep hydration levels high at all times, even days when you don’t have a treatment or adjustment, to give your body a chance to nourish healing muscles and tendons and flush toxins.
Water is the best choice. Some people find they see more rapid healing benefits if they avoid alcohol, sugary drinks such as sodas, and delicious-but-unwise coffee choices that come from certain famous franchises.

Your body needs good food to heal! We've said this before: eat well!

Your body needs good food to heal! We've said this before: eat well!

Turn off the tube, put away the cell phone, and shut the lights off to get a straight eight hours of sleep. A rested body will perform better and achieve better healing results. Also, a well-rested person is less likely to have falls, accidents, and other mishaps. Oddly enough, adjustments also often result in better quality sleep.
  Avoid illness
 We touch a myriad of germ-infested items every day. As an example, people cover their hand with their mouth to cough right before they pick up a pen that every visitor in the doctor’s office uses to sign in. Handrails, touchscreens, doorknobs and elevator buttons can hold lingering bacteria long after the sick person has left. The easiest way to protect yourself is to be mindful of the ‘public’ things you touch, wash your hands often and be meticulously careful not to touch your nose or mouth or food when your hands are dirty.
Posture like a box!

Not a misspelling! What we mean by ‘posture like a box’ is this: hips, elbows, knees, and ankles should all be at right angles when you sit. By doing this, you keep your bodily structure in ideal alignment, thereby promoting bone, joint, and muscle health. 

As a football player before a big game, or a diva before a concert, a person who is driven to achieving optimal results in their healing should take the opportunity to focus positively before, during, and after chiropractic office visits. By preparing mentally, every session is a chance to improve, achieve, maintain, and gain the benefits a massage or adjustment offers.  Focus means being on time, wearing clothing that works well with your type of treatment, and relax by not getting distracted by your cell phone, other things happening in your life, or things that aren’t related to your healing right now.

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