Help for Bad Weather Body Aches

Has our recent bout of cold, wet weather left your joints aching? You aren’t alone! Today we’re going to talk about the impact weather has on body pain and steps a person can take which will help.

An overview

If the recent cold weather made your joints ache, come see us!

If the recent cold weather made your joints ache, come see us!

No one is entirely certain why cold weather has an impact on joints, but experts think it’s in all likelihood a combination of factors. The barometric pressure is a big one, causing joint tissues to swell, become tender, and ache. (Interestingly enough, this can also occur in warm, damp climates.)

Lack of exercise

While curling up by the fire can make us toasty, it doesn’t get us up and moving around. A lack of exercise exacerbates achy joints. What makes it even worse is that those very same joints are the ones that are likely to hurt when a patient does get up and move around, making it feel like a vicious cycle. But exercise and movement are essential for relief. So, while curling up by the fire is an excellent idea, don’t forget to get plenty of exercise, too.


Seasonal depression and the inability to socialize as much in the winter also affects body aches. Shorter days mean less time to spend doing fun things, and that can lead to feeling down, too. But, just like exercise is especially important during the winter, making time for loved ones, adventures and fun activities are essential when the weather isn’t optimal. “Going and doing’ has a positive impact on joint pain.


In addition to being mindful of our movement and mood, making smart health choices will also figure predominantly in aching joints. Water, always important, is essential during the colder months when we may not be conscious of feeling thirsty. A well-hydrated body is a well-lubricated body. Equally important is eating foods which promote our well being. being tired, hungry, or unhappy makes pain worse.

Heating pads, warm epsom salt baths, lots of good sleep, and lowering stress all contribute to minimizing pain.

Visit your chiropractor

No one should have to live with untreated pain. When your joints ache, a visit to a gentle, highly experienced chiropractor to address weather-related pain is part of an excellent plan. If your pain is part of an old injury, an accident, or another mishap, that doesn’t mean you have to live with chronic pain. Chiropractic care should be part of a comprehensive plan for relief from joint pain regardless of the initial cause.

If cold weather is making you ache, why not schedule a visit today? Our team of caring professionals will give you the treatment you need to feel relief from cold weather body aches.

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