Holiday Stress Relief

Some time ago, a comedian created a whole act around the holidays, and how we were expected to not only work, go to school, and provide for out other responsibilities, but also were obligated to decorate, shop, wrap, and party. Even though we all laughed at his skit, his underlying message was compelling: the holidays can be hard on a person.

Perhaps as a treat, one of the positive measures a person can take during the crunch of holiday festivities is to take a little time out to have a massage, a chiropractic treatment, or even both.

Post-light-stringing aches


Once those lights are strung, and the front yard is festooned with glittering wise men and 8 ft tall air-filled snowmen, sometimes a person’s back, shoulders, and legs will ache due to overuse. Even a person who is in great physical shape will sometimes hurt in muscle groups which aren’t ordinarily used in the course of their normal routine.

Shopping for pain

Between walking for miles, and lifting and carrying packages that are too heavy, shopping can sometimes be a recipe for buying pain. A visit to the chiropractor is a better option than reaching for a bottle of painkillers.

Party heels might walk you into back pain.

High heels are an attractive footwear option, and sometimes a requirement for certain clothes or formal events. But their design creates a shift in the wearer’s natural posture. This shift puts pressure on the ankles, knees, and back. The danger of tripping and falling is as high as those heels! Wearing high heels for extended periods can create stiffness and back pain. A visit to the chiropractor can help enormously.

Holiday stress

Paying a visit to relatives of having company can create more stress than usual. Travel and company each have their physical pitfalls. Added responsibilities of the holidays can also take their toll, as well. Some people carry their stress in their neck and shoulders. They can experience neck or upper back and shoulder pain as a result. To compound matters, adult libations are readily available, and a person who is already experiencing stress or discomfort may find themselves overindulging in alcohol. Alcohol, like most substances, masks rather than treats the pain.

Managing the downside of holidays

Instead of lamenting the holidays, wishing they’d be over or suffering from pain and stiffness as the result of both the holiday and seasonal weather, why not visit our office and receive some much-needed relief? Those who have periodic visits to a Portland chiropractor, as opposed to regular visits, may find themselves lured into more frequent visits once they realize they feel better, move more fluidly, and can have a pain-free life. And that might be a gift worth giving yourself.

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