How Stretching Can Help Prevent Workplace Injuries

All over the world, people perform a variety of jobs: construction jobs, sedentary jobs, active jobs, driving jobs, and everything in between. But, regardless of the job a person performs, one of the ways to avoid work injuries and even aches due to fatigue is by having a regular stretching routine.


Chiropractors see many patients who have been involved in workplace incidents such as car accidents, falls, or back injuries. Such injuries can be painful and even debilitating. One would think that a worker could do something more proactive than ‘be careful,’ and that thinking is correct: performing a stretching routine on a regular basis will help to avoid work injuries and may lessen the injuries that do occur.

The concept of stretching is simple and the benefits worthwhile: it increases flexibility and range of motion, while also improving circulation. Here are some of the more significant benefits of stretching:

Better posture

Better posture will help a person who picks up that box because they’ll be less likely to overexert and hurt themselves. For sedentary workers and those who spend a lot of time driving, better posture through stretching will help decrease fatigue.

Relieves stress

Stretching has excellent stress-relieving benefits, which lowers the rate of distractions. Distractions are one of the biggest causes of accidents in the workplace, and one which can be avoided by the next item on our list.

Better focus

A regular stretching routine helps the mind to focus because it is calmer as a result. This mindfulness not only helps prevent accidents at work but can also help them do a better job on the tasks at hand.

Trips slips and falls are another huge cause of accidents in the workplace. But, one can see how a worker who has better posture, less stress, more focus and a greater range of flexibility and motion through a regular stretching routine would be less likely to slip and fall.

Some safety warnings

Many of the same rules which apply to exercise also apply to stretching routines. For example, individuals who have already had an injury, have chronic pain or another physical limitation which will hamper or impair movement should consult a doctor before starting a stretching routine. The same is true for people over 40 and those with a chronic health condition.

Stretching should be approached with common sense, too: overexertion, bouncing, or attempting to stretch cold muscles will result in the injuries we want to avoid!

There is a variety of stretching routines. Some are designed for before or after exercising. Some are designed for the sedentary office worker.

Whatever a person’s type of job, lifestyle or habits, adding a stretching routine will increase flexibility and range of motion. These benefits will carry over to help a worker avoid the pain of fatigue, poor posture, and injuries due to accidents in the workplace.

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