Dr. Kristin OCHS, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Kristin moved to Portland in 2001 and has never found a reason to leave. She absolutely loves it in the Pacific Northwest!

Before becoming a chiropractor, Kristin worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness and Nutrition Director for a local gym. She worked mainly with special populations, utilizing her certification in corrective exercise.

Watching what the body was capable of when given the proper tools inspired her to return to school for her education in human biology and chiropractic.

She received her B.S. and D.C. from the University of Western States here in Portland, Oregon.

Kristin is passionate about helping each patient reach their maximum potential without asking them to stop doing what they love – working to modify their activities until they’re able to do them fully again. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and Kristin strives to harness that.

In her spare time, she enjoys karaoke, playing pool, trying new restaurants, and spending quality time with her husband and young daughter. Kristin is also active in the community, volunteering as a fundraiser for Cascade AIDS Project. You will frequently find her at various events promoting equality for mankind.

Dr. Jolett Rod, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Jolett is the newest addition to Renew Chiropractic Clinic. She focuses with her patients on treating the body while also giving them the tools to care for their own mind and soul through stress and anxiety reduction techniques. For Jolett it doesn’t matter whether you sit at a desk all day or are training for a marathon—she treats all patients like athletes, teaching them to move better and get back to their daily activities without pain as soon as possible.

A graduate of the University of Western States, Jolett received both her Doctor of Chiropractic and Master of Sports Medicine degrees in 2016. She has worked with youth athletes in the training rooms of local high schools and has treated diverse athletes across many sporting events in the Pacific Northwest. Jolett is also a certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer, where she focuses on teaching patients how to do fundamental movement patterns more efficiently in order to avoid pain while doing complex movements. 

Jolett believes that by focusing on training the brain to better communicate with the body, the body is better primed for everything else. She assesses the way patients move and then teaches them body awareness so that they can achieve their goals easier—whether that’s to be bigger, faster, and stronger, or just to be able to tie your shoes without pain. She is passionate about education and aims to teach patients something new about their bodies during each appointment.  

Jolett grew up raising cattle on a small farm in Illinois and still harbors a great love for animals. As an undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago, Jolett obtained her BS in biology while also studying neuroscience and bioethics. In the past she has worked as an EMT, an oncology patient advocate, and a refugee resettlement volunteer.

Secretly an introvert, Jolett enjoys spending her spare time recharging at home. You can find her curled up with her cat while enjoying a good book and a cup of tea. She adores coloring books, yoga, and pretending to play the ukulele and harmonica. Jolett believes in the rejuvenating power of fresh air and loves hiking and travelling the world.


Dana Yokum, LMT

Massage Therapist

Dana is an Oregon girl, born and raised. Growing up in the small, rural town of Redland on 40 acres, she has a warm and natural “welcome home” disposition. Dana’s nature has always been that of a healer since she was a child. As a mother of two children, her love for people has only grown in strength. Always compassionate toward people and animals, she decided on a career path into massage therapy.

Dana attended Everest Institute in 2009 where her calling was heard. While in school, she excelled among persons of similar nature while growing a true passion for physiology and kinesiology. Specializing in the modalities of Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, and Deep Tissue, she has additional experience in many other modalities. Dana radiates true devotion for the trade and was voted for “Best Hands-On Massage.” Upon graduation in 2010, Dana obtained her massage therapy license and has since worked in upscale spas and chiropractic clinics. She also works as a private contractor to provide wellness through therapeutic massage to VIP celebrities and musicians on tour.

Dana lives by the Golden Rule. With an unwavering commitment to the health and well being of others, she wishes everyone the strength to carry on. While believing that everyone has different levels of comfort, she is considerate and attentive to all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. With all the stress of the modern world, she believes everyone is entitled to a pain free life.

In Dana’s spare time, she enjoys her family’s company on fun outings to the park, car shows, beach, and various sporting events. She also lives to snowboard in the winter, loves water sports, plays racquetball and is one heck of a shot in Billiards.